The Perspective Principle


Mastering influence on others and self

Use this groundbreaking principle to expand your possibilities. Break free from obstructing beliefs and limitations.

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Dynamic workshop on the core of human behavior. Understanding the building blocks of resistance and space. Introduction to the groundbreaking movement of the Perspective Principle.

Taco Kramer Healthcare professional

This book has given me valuable insights regarding my inner world and practical tools to deal with it. With admirable open mindedness the author invited me to look in the mirror of my own soul.

Tamara van de Wijnckel Operations Manager

Wonderful book, enriching, deepening and sometimes amazing. Very enjoyable and educational to read.

Marcel Hurkens Neurodiversity expert and coach

The great power of the techniques in this book is enhanced by the fragility of the examples used by the author


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Perspective Essential

Sign up for the opportunity of a lifetime. Learn all about the Perspective Principle from author and master trainer Bart Verhaagen. In this dynamic crash course, you'll get to the heart of human behavior. You'll gain insight into the building blocks of resistance and freedom of movement. Receive your invite today!


Want to dig deeper and make profound changes to your life? In our intensives you'll further develop your abilities to master specific aspects of the Perspective Principle.

Influence Intensive

Develop mastery over your influence skills.

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Leading by the perspective principle

Have you experienced the profound and groundbreaking effects of the Perspective Principle and want to share it with others? The best way to do so is to become a certified Perspective Principle Trainer or Coach!

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Meet the author, meet the method.

Bart Verhaagen explains the Perspective Principle

The principle that reveals the essence of our impact on the world.

It is when you change your perspective that everything starts moving. The twelve influencing categories are at the root of all we do. It forms the core of a liberation from within.

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