The Perspective Principle


Perspective Principle Trainer Certification

Trainers who want to use the Perspective Principle methodologies in their own training courses go through a certification process to ensure that the quality of all courses is of a high standard. This is only open to experienced trainers who meet a number of personal criteria.

Once a trainer has gone through this process, she/he may:

  • Independently execute in-company requests to train the Perspective Principle that have been received through the central organization;
  • Assist with the PPII and the PPBI.
  • Use the content in own training and development programs

Personal criteria


One of the most important characteristics of the PP trainers is that they do what they say and vice versa. That they themselves apply the lessons from the trainings in their personal lives. That they actually live and apply the principles.

Horizontal relationships

We are all human beings, we learn for our own process and we give help and advice to others. The trainers of the PP are on the same level as the participants in the trainings. They have their own problems and challenges on their life path and are open about it. They use personal experiences to explain the material.

No fixed truths

You can recognize a PP trainer by their refusal to elevate a model or technique to absolute truth. All perspectives are helpful in relieving obstacles. When they are no longer helpful, we shift to another perspective.

No fixed program

We base our format of PP training retreats on a combination of thorough preparation and adapting a program to the needs and challenges of the group. A co-creation between trainers and participants in the now. The PP trainers do not work with fixed PowerPoint programs and repetitive success formulas.


The trainers who are certified for the PP have at least 7 years of experience as a trainer in various industries and have a certificate as a NLP Master Practitioner.


To be certified as a PP trainer you first take the PE and PPII as a participant. In consultation with the central organization you participate as an assistant process facilitator in the PPII or the PPBI. Finally, you will take a Trainers Certification Assessment. This is an online assessment in which you demonstrate your ability to apply all perspectives in a role-play situation. If you pass this, you will be listed as a trainer on the PP website so that clients can see that you are employable as a trainer.