The Perspective Principle


Perspective Essential

Behavior can really be controlled through the beliefs behind it. In this low-threshold, one-day workshop, you will learn about the Perspective Principle and experience how quickly you gain insight into the source of our behavior. Have a good conversation with all kinds of people, including those you don’t really like. Building rapport and becoming flexible in following the other person’s style. Practicing to uncover a conversation partner’s core beliefs without getting lost in the content of the interview. Further clarifying the structure of key beliefs so that you have a solid foundation for influencing yourself and others. Gain insight into the power of the 12 Perspectives and the four main groups. Experiencing how to apply this in influencing others and alleviating your own limitations.

This workshop is well suited for you if you:

  • Want to learn more about the Perspective Principle;
  • Want to master how to do a belief interview and build good rapport.
  • Want to see if you want to continue on the path of the PP to the intensives
  • Experience that your development is stagnating and that you are really ready for a new step
  • Want to move on to the PPII or the PPAI and need to do this day first.

The program looks roughly as follows:


We work in developmental groups from which we do exercises in making contact and rapport building. We change conversation partners to experience how to establish a good connection with all kinds of people. We focus on the key words in the other person’s story and get to work with beliefs. With movie clips and short exercises it becomes clear how our behavior stems from our beliefs.


How do you find the core beliefs that the behavior originates from, and how can you surface all the parts? In deepening the belief interview, you’re going to see that beliefs can be picked up anywhere. It is not difficult but you have to put on special glasses. After these exercises you will be able to hear and use core beliefs in all situations to influence. You experience in the rest of the afternoon in a dynamic program how great the power is of the 12 forms of influence of the Perspective Principle. That you can also use this to alleviate your own limitations and build your own reality!


It is useful to read the book of the PP prior to the workshop where especially part 1 is important to understand. Furthermore, it is good to complete the test of perceptual positions and do the guided exercise of walking the Logical Levels.