The Perspective Principle


Influence Intensive, PPII

This 5-day training is open to people who have taken the Perspective Essential and have experienced that there is tremendous power to be developed by influencing behavior through beliefs. The awareness that you can bring beliefs to the surface during a conversation, and that you can cause an obstacle to dissolve on the spot. That initial resistance can change into cooperative behavior and commitment to the chosen direction. We do this by working with the 12 forms of influence of the Perspective Principle.

You’ve read the book and want to be able to put the full breadth of influencing into practice. Everywhere, just during conversations and discussions. Influence from the core of beliefs and broaden your influence profile. Mastery of relational, structural, subliminal and power influence. Building behavioral flexibility and switching between styles during conversations. Setting a focused framework that makes people go along with your approach.

This intensive 5 day workshop is great for you if you :

  • Are a professionals who want to take a step in your career and understand that in order to do so you have to become even more effective in influencing;
  • Notice that you stay stuck in awkward patterns with other people and don’t know how to break them
  • Want to expand your toolbox to become more flexible in your palette of behavioral capabilities and soft skills
  • Have discovered through your Perspective Principle Profile of Influence that you barely use a number of ways of influencing and that you want to explore what it would benefit you if you also had these forms at your disposal;
  • Finally want to put behind you the fact that you have little influence in decision-making processes and that others determine what is important for you

Global program of the Influence Intensive:

Day 1 : Registration, lunch

On this first day, after lunch, we start with the three forms of relational influencing. We’ll form developmental groups and dive into making connections. In what ways can you build a good conversation with people you don’t know and may not like? What techniques are there to get to the depths quickly? We practice with changing partners and also explore the effect of pattern interruption.

We build on the belief interview and specify the limiting beliefs. We put ourselves in the shoes of a business partner with whom we have a difficult issue and bring out the obstacle and motivation. In a speed dating setting, you learn to quickly hear from which intention someone is acting. In short conversations we apply the influencing with different words and redefine the situation that gives space to the goal.

Day 2 :

From days 2 through 4 we will work with three forms of influencing every day, one from each main group. This way we get a lot of dynamics and variety in the program. On day 2 we focus on logic influencing, yes-set and the use of graphs and research. We work with role-plays to see Kiesler’s dominance and circumplex in action and use our sources of power. We conclude with storytelling and the way to circumvent the conscious brain by packaging a message. In the evening we will integrate the 6 forms of influence we have covered so far and work with games and quizzes.

Day 3 :

On day three, we practice steering toward a different meaning by zooming in on a different outcome or highlighting the consequence of an obstacle. We play with metaphors to become looser and more creative and utilize the power of an analogy in conversations. Furthermore, we dive into the silence of giving space. Through role-playing, we learn to invite the other person to step out of passivity. We integrate the nine perspectives we have done in three days and experience how many possibilities we have already built up. In the evening we take time to make space in our own obstructive patterns. By working in such depth with influencing techniques, many intrinsic blockages emerge during these days that ask for relief.

Day 4 :

Enlarging the framework is on the program on Day 4. This is a very powerful structural influence style of which we practice all kinds of variations. Focused role-plays with observers provide increasing depth. Through a force field analysis we determine our tactics for influencing in larger contexts and then we work with influencing through the body. We apply neuromarketing techniques and learn about steering with embedded commands. In the evening we spend time on changing perspective in conversations. Now that we have covered all 12 forms of influencing, we can become even more skilled at applying behavioral flexibility. We do this with the spinning Perspective Principle Compass. With games and quizzes we keep it exciting and with the Dancing Score we show our path to expansion.

Day 5 :

Now that we have added so many forms to our palette we are going to apply this in the start of a meeting. Setting a framework we practice such that we use all forms of influence.  We move into a focused work format of perfecting the trickiest techniques and conclude with certification and awards. In the afternoon we say goodbye and conclude this fantastic week.


Prior to the Influence Intensive, you will read the book carefully and gain insight into your Influence Profile by taking the scan. You study your preferences from the test of Metaprograms so we can work with them. Because this will make it easier to understand with which people you will have a more difficult conversation. In preparation you get a questionnaire to indicate what you specifically want to learn so we can take that into account in the training. For this training, it is a prerequisite that you have done the Perspective Essential.