The Perspective Principle


Breakthrough Intensive

In this 5-day retreat, you will learn to release your own internal barriers. You will work on some major blockages in your life and learn to make space with the Perspective Principle. It is a meditative week where you share a lot and help each other break through your negative patterns. It starts from your deep abilities to heal yourself. To find your path and stand full in your power.

This intensive training is very suitable for you if you:

  • Want to live more freely and enjoy the richness and beauty of this reality
  • Are bothered by obstacles in your work and private life, in collaboration or in relationships
  • Want to relax more and find a way out of spinning thoughts and negative patterns
  • Want to learn the effective method of the Perspective Principle to solve the issues of life in yourself
  • Want to live life from your core, autonomously from your life mission.

The program is structured in broad terms as follows:

Day 1

The retreat starts after lunch with identifying obstacles. Using various exercises, you’ll uncover the three biggest blockages that bother you in your life or at work. We certainly talk about all the finer things in life and all your qualities and achievements. But we use these three limitations as a vehicle to get to the bottom of how you can apply the alleviating techniques of the Perspective Principle. You’ll work with a buddy to dive deeper into the beliefs and invite each other to get more specific. We wrap up the day with three clear beliefs with their CEM structure and the recognition of blockages in others.

Day 2

The power of words is the focus at the beginning of the second day. Exploring to where you want to shift words to make more space. We also enter the gentleness within ourselves and explore the motivation beneath what we encounter. Over the course of the day, we take one belief as our focus and dive into the structural influencing. In three intense rounds, we experience the broadening potential of these three perspectives. In the evening we work with stories, voice dialogue and the constructive advice of others.

Day 3

On day three, we continue with the chosen limiting belief and consider the workings of metaphors. Using a series of creative techniques, you will come to the analogies that enlighten you and learn that there are patterns that give you space. We continue the day with the wisdom of our bodies and experience how gestures and movements are connected to beliefs. We meditate on letting go of meaning and enduring an uncomfortable feeling. If we can just breathe into it, nothing needs to change in the outside world.

Day 4

On the fourth day we complete all forms of alleviating of the Perspective Principle with your mission and settings of your life. What direction will your path take and how can you let this guide your work, relationships and nurturing environment? We work this all the way through to concrete actions and summarize all the insights into a new narrative.

Now that we have gone through all the perspectives and experienced how much space you can create in a stagnation, we start working with the second limiting belief. You formulated this belief on day one and can now be accessed using the Perspective Principle Card set. With this you will learn that you can relieve obstacles in a short period of time using the Perspective Principle questions from Part III of the book.

Day 5

On the last day of this breakthrough retreat, we take it one step further. We work towards being able to have an obstacle resolved in a very short time without the help of others or a card set. To do this, we take the third impeding belief and walk through all perspectives to arrive at a new narrative. We conclude with a presentation of the new narratives and sharing the space created in our lives and the intentions to create your own reality.


Prior to the retreat you will receive an extensive questionnaire with which you can indicate what you want to learn and how you want to look at your own part in the blockages you experience in your life and work. For more serious psychological themes we will discuss together whether this retreat is the right path for you. It is a prerequisite that you have done the Perspective Essential and have read the book.