The Perspective Principle


What’s your influencing style?

Welcome to the Perspective Principle Profile of Influence. With this scan you gain insight into the twelve powerful forms of influencing. Which forms you have fully mastered and which forms you can develop further. It is a self-assessment in which you are presented five questions per form in random order. For each question you give a score from 1 to 5 with the following meaning:
Score explanation
  1. Not in my toolbox, I never do this
  2. I rarely do this.
  3. I can do this a little, I do it sometimes
  4. I practice this style regularly.
  5. Fully available in my toolbox, I practice this often

You can indicate the score by clicking on the box or by typing a number. It is important to focus on a work context when completing. Complete the scan in one session; you cannot save your answers in between.