The Perspective Principle


Perspective Principle Coach Certification

The enormous range of Perspective Principle techniques makes coaching individual clients very effective. Coaching is based on identifying core beliefs and releasing limitations. Working toward a new narrative and securing it in daily practice. Coaches certified as Perspective Principle coaches are recognizable by the width of their capabilities. They always follow different pathways so that they optimally match the client’s needs. Coaches meet a set of personal criteria and have gone through the certification process. This is their working method:
  • They independently pick up coaching questions that have come in through the central organization;
  • Coaches are found through the PP’s website based on their company, name and location
  • Reviews of coaching processes initiated through the Perspective Principle also become visible on the PP’s website so clients can see how a coach is rated.
  • They assist with the PPBI and the PPII
  • Use all perspectives in their coaching practice and
  • Supervise ongoing circles of people who have taken the PPII and the PPBI and continue to support and follow each other.

Personal characteristics


One of the most important characteristics of Perspective Principle coaches is that they themselves show what they teach others.

Horizontal relationships

Perspective Principle coaches are on the same level as their clients. They have their own problems and challenges on their life path and are open about it. They use personal experiences to help the client move forward.

Projection and transference

Perspective Principle coaches, while having their own questions, do not allow their process to interfere with that of the client. They are aware of their projections and the situations in which they are prone to transference.

No fixed truths

You can recognize a Perspective Principle coach by their refusal to elevate a model or technique to absolute truth. All perspectives are helpful in relieving obstacles. When they are no longer helpful, we shift to another perspective.

No fixed program

The path that a Perspective Principle coach follows with the client is drawn up in consultation with the client on the basis of the client’s development goals.


The coaches who are certified for the Perspective Principle have at least 5 years of experience as coaches and have the NLP Master Practitioner as a basis.


To become certified as a Perspective Principle coach, you first follow the PE and PPBI as a participant. In consultation with the central organization you participate as an assistant process coach in the PPBI. Finally, you take a Coach Certification Assessment. This is an online assessment in which you demonstrate in a role-play that you can apply all perspectives in a coaching situation. If you pass this, you will be listed as a coach on the Perspective Principle website so that clients can find you.